Paintbrush Canyon 2017

August 23, 2017
No ice axe needed.  There is a small trail washout near the divide - use caution in this area. 
August 19, 2017
Small (approx. 20' long) patch of steep snow must still be crossed just below the east side of Paintbrush Divide.  Well worn hiker "trough" across this patch.  Hikers are encouraged to travel with trekking poles at a minimum or an ice axe depending on comfort level. 
August 6, 2017
Upper Canyon still has snow and Paintbrush Divide still requires the use of an ice axe to safely negotiate. 
July 17, 2017
Holly Lake is melted out, but camping and shoreline is still snow covered. Solid snow up from Holly Lake to the Divide
July 11, 2017
Lower camping zone in Paintbrush Canyon is dry.  Many downed trees and patches of snow on the switchbacks above the camping zone.  Outlier is dry. Getting to Holly Lake still involves much snow travel off trail.  Upper camping zone is still under snow.  Sun cupped snow slopes lead past Holly Lake.  Getting to Paintbrush Divide involves steep, firm snow slopes.  Ice axe (and possibly crampons) are needed for safe passage. 
                                             Holly Lake

                                               Paintbrush Divide

                          Steep, firm snow slopes to Paintbrush Divide

July 2, 2017
A few patches then half snow above big bridge in lower zone.  (Bridge has a cracked stringer, closed to stock use).   All but one lower zone site is dry. Outlier tent pad is dry.  Steep snow to Holly Lake.  
June 26, 2017 
A few patches of snow then all snow above big bridge in the lower zone.  Most lower zone sites are dry. The Outlier site has snow and water running through it, not recommended.   Several creek crossings up to the Outlier site and then steep snow getting to and above Holly Lake. 100% snow around Holly Lake.  See Paintbrush Divide for details.  Crest Hikers should expect slow going and lots of snow (1-2 mph avg.)  
June 10, 2017 
A spring snow storm last night deposited up to a foot of snow above 10,000 ft. New avalanche hazards exist.  All snow essentially from junction w/ String lake trail.  Firm snow.  No dry campsites.  Lower camping zone signs visible, water available through lower zone; bootpack and ski tracks follow trail well.
June 4, 2017
All snow essentially from junction w/ String lake trail, bootpack follows trail well.  Shaded snow frozen solid, sun-exposed snow firm enough to walk on (had frozen previous night).  No dry campsites, running water available throughout Lower camping zone, signs for camping zone visible.
May 19, 2017
Patchy snow to mouth of canyon, then 100% snow.  Holly Lake is 100% ice-covered.