Surprise & Amphitheater Lakes 2017

June 16, 2017
Dry up to the Three-Mile Junction. Patchy for a bit then solid snow with various tracks, some on very steep snow and off-route. Lakes, bear boxes, and campsites are all snow covered. Ice axe or poles are recommended.

 There is still several feet of snow along much of the trail - 6.16.17
Amphitheater Lake - 6.16.17
June 4, 2017
40-50% snow to the 1.7 mile junction, 80% snow to 3 mile junction.  100% snow beyond to Garnet Canyon as well as Surprise & Amphitheater.  Many braided boot paths above the 3 mile junction.
May 15, 2017
Mostly dry to junction w/ valley trail, patchy snow 1/3 up switchbacks then all snow.  Lakes still ice-covered.  Cannot get access to water, bear boxes and trail/campsite signs completely buried.